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Today I have a fun post. Every year there are so many books published in lots of genres and it got me thinking what books where published the year I was born. I went on google and did some research and I found that surprisingly a lot of authors who released books then are still releasing books now!

So the year I was born was 1988 and here are some books that where published that year. (Books linked to Goodreads)

Matilda was published the month of my birthday, being October. When I was younger I read a few Roald Dahl books but not Matilda. I did enjoy the movie and would like to read the book someday. A girl who loves books and can control things with her mind, what's not to like!

The film of this book is a cult classic movie I feel and again this is a book I haven't read or seen the movie adaption. It's something that doesn't appeal to me but I didn't realize it was nearly 30 years old!

Again I haven't read a Terry Pratchett book but this is an author I do want to check out.

Margaret Atwood wasn't an author I was aware of until very recently which seems to be a failure on my part. Am not sure how famous Cat Eyes is. One book of hers that I do want to pick up is The Handmaids Tale. It has been everywhere lately because of the TV show, I feel I need to pick it up and watch the show ASAP!

This is such a famous book, enough said!

Finally an Anne Rice book. I really want to read this series I can't believe the first book was published in the 70's let alone this book being published the year I was born!

So that was some books published the year I was born. What are some of the books that where published the year you where born?

Recently Added To Goodreads- August Edition!

I had so much fun doing this post last month I decided to do it again. (You can check out last months post here) Since my last post I have added alot more books to my Goodreads. In point this is due to looking up alot of fall and winter releases and finding some awesome ones. So let's get started. (All books linked to Goodreads)

*Moonlight Sins by Jennifer L Armentrout (Adult Contemporary Romance) Expected Publication 2018

*Odd and True by Cat Winters (YA Historical Fantasy) Releases September 12th 2017

*The Loneliest Girl In The Universe by Lauren James (YA Sci Fi) Releases September 7th 2017

*Barking Up The Wrong Tree (Sex and Sweet Tea #3) by Juliette Poe (Adult Contemporary Romance) Releases September 14th 2017
*Pretty As A Peach (Sex and sweet tea #4) by Juliette Poe (Adult Contemporary Romance) Releases December 7th 2017
*Gimme Some Sugar (Sex and Sweet Tea #5) by Juliette Poe (Adult Contemporary Romance) Releases March 2018

The Sex and Sweet Tea series can be read as standalone's. They are sweet southern romances and I loved the second one when I read it recently. You can check out my review here

*Meet Cute: Some People Are Destined to Meet by various authors (YA Contemporary Romance) Expected Publication 2018- . "MEET CUTE is an anthology of original short stories featuring tales of "how they first met" from some of today’s most popular YA authors. "

*Losers Bracket by Chris Crutcher (YA) Expected Publication 2018 - Epic Reads did a ARC reveal on their Youtube channel of their winter 2018 releases, I saw a ton I am interested in.You can check out there video here

*Where I live by Brenda Rufener (YA Contemporary) Expected Publication 2018- This deals with a girl who is homeless and lives in the halls of her school. I have seen two YA books so far with a homeless theme for 2018. Saw on Epic Reads

*This tiny perfect world by Lauren Gibaldi (YA Contemporary) Expected Publication 2018 - Saw on Epic Reads

*Together At Midnight by Jennifer Castle (YA Contemporary Romance) Expected Publication 2018- Saw on Epic Reads

*If Theres No Tomorrow by Jennifer L Armentrout ( YA Contemporary Romance) Releases September 2017

*The Boy I hate by Taylor Sullivan (New Adult Romance) Already Released- I currently have a book release blitz giveaway on behalf of the release of this book here

*Rainy Day Friends (Wildstone #2) by Jill Shalvis (Adult Contemporary) Expected Publication 2018- I recently read the first book in this series and really enjoyed it. You can check out my review here 

*I hate everyone but you by Gaby Dunn & Alison Raskin (YA contemporary that I think has some GLBQT representation) Releases September 2017- I saw this on one of my favorite book tuber's channel Emma @ Emmma Books and I think its written entirely in emails and texts, which is a bonus as I love books in multimedia text.

*The Cruel Prince (The Folk Of Air #1) by Holly Black (YA Fantasy) Expected Publication 2018- I saw Kristin from Super Space Chick gush about this book and I just had to add it even though me and fae folk have a love hate relationship. 

*The Comfort Food Diaries: My Quest for the Perfect Dish to Mend a Broken Heart by Emily Nunn (Biography, Memoir) Releases September 2017- I saw this on Katherine @ I wish I lived in a library blog. I don't read a lot of non fiction books but this one really appealed to me.

*One Week to the Wedding (Misty Point #1) by Olivia Miles (Adult Contemporary Romance) Already Released- I saw the second book on Katherine's blog as well and decided to add the first book to my Goodreads TBR

*North To You (Journey to the Heart #1) by Tif Marcelo (YA /New Adult Contemporary Romance) Already Released - I saw this on Nick and Nereyda's Infinite Booklist Blog 

*No Limits by Ellie Marney (YA Contemporary) Already Released - I saw on the above blog

*Autoboyography by Christina Lauren (YA Contemporary GLBQT) Releases in September 2017 - I again saw it on the above blog.

*The Secret History Of Us by Jessi Kirby ( YA Contemporary Romance) Already Released- I loved Jessi Kirbys Things We Know By Heart so I am looking forward to this one.

*Invictus by Ryan Graudin (YA Sci-Fi Time Travel) Releases September 2017

*Drunk Dial by Penelope Ward (Adult Contemporary Romance- Erotica) Releases August 21st 2017

*Latte Girl by Katia Rose - (Adult Contemporary Romance) Already Released 

*Follow (Social Media #1) by JA Huss (Adult Erotica) Already Released

*The Dark Mermaid by Christina L Barr (Retelling) Releases September 2017

*Spark (Spark #1) by Rachael Craw (YA Sci Fi Romance) Already Released -I saw this on Nick and Nereyda's Infinite Booklist Blog 

I saw the rest of these books on Epic Reads Winter 2018 reveal.

*Everless (#1) by Sara Holland (YA Fantasy) Expected Publication 2018- Look at that cover!!

*When My Heart Joins The Thousand by A.J Steiger (YA Contemporary Romance) Expected Publication 2018

*Love, Life and the List by Kasie West (YA Contemporary Romance) Expected Publication 2018- I still haven't read a Kasie West book, its turning into my biggest book problem!

*Here So Far by Hadley Dyer (YA/New Adult) Expected Publication 2018

*Love and Other Train Wrecks by Leah Konen (YA Contemporary Romance) Expected Publication 2018

Do you plan on reading any of these books? Have you read any? Any I should be adding to my list. Let me know in the comments below.

Release Day: The Soul Mates by Kendall Ryan

Happy Release Day to The Soul mate by Kendall Ryan a sexy new stand-alone novel in Kendall Ryan's Roommates series.


The smoking-hot one-night stand I was never supposed to see again?

Yeah, well, I might be pregnant, and he’s my OB-GYN.

Get ready to fall head over heels madly in love with the hottest OBGYN doctor you have ever met! This full-length standalone contains the most hilariously awkward lady-doctor visit, lots of playful banter and some good ol' fashioned baby-makin'!

Amazon | iBooks | Nook | Kobo

Author Bio

A New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author of more than two dozen titles, Kendall Ryan has sold over 2 million books and her books have been translated into several languages in countries around the world. Her books have also appeared on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists more than three dozen times. Ryan has been featured in such publications as USA Today, Newsweek, and InTouch Magazine. She lives in Texas with her husband and two sons.

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Book Blitz: The Boy I Hate by Taylor Sullivan #Giveaway

Happy Release Day to The Boy I Hate by Taylor Sullivan. Check out the book below and also a giveaway open international.

The Boy I Hate 
by Taylor Sullivan 
Genres: New Adult, Romance
Add To Goodreads


Samantha Smiles and Renee Montgomery have been best friends for over a decade. They’ve shared laughs, secrets, and a mutual hatred for one person: Tristan Montgomery, Renee’s older brother. He was the guy every girl wanted, and every guy wanted to be, and it wasn’t uncommon they’d befriend his little sister just to get closer to him. Which was exactly how Samantha became Renee’s saving grace. She was the only girl Renee could trust not to fall in love with her older brother.

Until the one night Samantha spent with him alone, leaving her questioning everything she’d ever known about the blond headed heart-throb.

Years later, Renee asks Samantha to be her maid of honor. With no other option, Samantha is forced to drive cross-country with the focus of their teenage ire.

He was her first kiss.
Her only secret.

Can Samantha survive the trip cross-country with the reckless Tristan Montgomery? The guy who did what he wanted, whenever he wanted, without worry for tomorrow? Or will she discover a different side of him. One that’s sweet, funny, and maybe a little bit vulnerable. And fall completely and helplessly in love for the first time in her adult life with the one man who could cause her to lose her best friend forever?


She looked down to the parking lot, seeing his Mustang still parked below, and knew she was about to lose it. She headed for her own room, placed the breakfast on the nearby table, then rid of every last drop of patience, began pounding on Tristan’s door.

“Wake up you lazy bastard! Wake up, or I swear to God I’ll beat this door down with my fists.”
A large boom sounded from inside the room, and Samantha smiled with satisfaction as she continued to pound. “That’s right,” she whispered. “Get up you lazy ass—”
But before she could finish her sentence, the door was yanked out from under her. She stumbled forward, barely able to catch her footing, and slammed face first into warm, solid, skin.
She froze, because the glimpse she caught on the way down wasn’t one she ever thought she’d see. It was a very large, very bare, and very “Good morning” version of Tristan Montgomery.
“Please tell me you’re not naked,” she whispered, but it was mostly to herself, because she didn’t really need him to answer. She squeezed her eyes shut, took one step backward, and turned around.
They both stood there, quiet and still, and she tried to recover her heart. The sight of Tristan in nothing more than his birthday suit left her feeling dizzy. She’d seen many naked men in her days, though until now, the only one she’d seen in person was Steven. Especially this close up.
“Well?” he finally asked, when she remained silent.
Well? Well… Tristan was much…larger than Steven. Much larger in every way imaginable.
She cleared her throat, knowing her voice would’ve cracked otherwise. “It’s ten in the morning,” she answered with more confidence than she felt.
“And?” But his voice was thick and husky, and she could swear he was having as difficult a time recovering as she was.
“It’s time to go.”
“Is it?”
“Yes,” she said, hating how the tone of his voice sent a shiver down her spine. “And you should really put some clothes on. The people of Utah don’t want to see…that.”
He chuckled, but shifted slightly behind her. “Hate to break it to you sweetheart, but a lot of people want to see that.”
She cringed, because she knew it was true. Like in high school, she knew women lined up to catch the barest glimpse of Tristan.
He moved quietly behind her, his steps so soft you’d never know they came from a man of his size. “You can turn around now.”
She raked her teeth over her bottom lip, taking the very corner and chewing it before turning to face him. He still had no shirt on, his feet were bare, but he wore a pair of old gray sweats resting so low on his hips you could tell he wasn’t wearing anything underneath.
“Aren’t you freezing?” she asked, feeling a shiver run through her own body.
“No,” he said, leaning against the doorway and crossing his feet at the ankles. A tiny grin teased at the corner of his mouth, and she knew he was having too much fun at her expense.
She turned toward the Mustang, not attempting to hide her irritation. “I brought you breakfast,” she said quickly.
“That’s nice of you.”
“It’s not nice. Just my way of getting your lazy ass out of bed.”
He threw his head back with laughter. “Are you always this pleasant in the morning?”
Pressing her lips together, she wasn’t about to let him to pull her into another argument. “We need to go,” she said, turning on her heels and opening the door to her room.
She walked inside, hoping the action would give him the hint to do the same. “I’ll have your breakfast waiting for you in the car.” But before she closed the door, she could swear she caught him smiling.
“My God.” she whispered, resting her forehead against the wall, taking in all the air she’d forgotten to take over the last two minutes. “Three more days. Just three more days of Tristan Montgomery.” She repeated the last words over and over, gathered up the rest of her belongings, and headed for the car.


Taylor is mom of three young (or not so young) children she loves more than life. She runs them around endlessly, hoping she looks presentable enough to be out in public, and day dreams about fictional characters. Maybe she's crazy, or maybe she craves the barbie games she played as a little girl a little too much, but that's where her stories are born. It's where they blossom, and grow, and eventually breath life on the page of her stories.

She'd love to hear from you. (Or I'd love to hear from you. I wrote this in 3rd person to sound cooler)

Website / Facebook / Twitter 

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Stacking The Shelves: So many books (HELP)

Stacking The Shelves is weekly meme where we share all the books we have added to our shelves whether it's physically or digitally. For more info check out the awesome host Tynga's Reviews 

Note: I will still be taking part in The Sunday Post which will feature posts from the week as well as posts to come, along with fun little things from my week.

So my last stacking the shelves was near the end of June and now we are near the middle of August. I need to do these more regularly as the books are stacking up!!!! I am hoping (fingers crossed) to post a haul every two weeks if I keep continuing to get this amount of books over the next few weeks.  The good thing is I have read the majority of them! So grab a tea, lemonade or an alcoholic drink you might need it and check out my haul. (Please drink responsibly and at the age laws of your country :) Books linked to Goodreads

*Alex Approximately by Jenn Bennett - YA Contemporary Romance - Already Released- Brought Paperback- This is one of my most anticipated summer releases and I can't wait to get to it.

*Love and Gelato by Jenna Evan Welch - YA Contemporary Romance- Already Released- Brought Paperback- This sounds like a cute summer romance set in Italy and there's Gelato whats not to like!

For anyone in the UK I got both the above book's from Tesco's for £3.95 each which is a great price.

*The Contract (The Contract #1) by Melanie Moreland  & The Baby Clause 2.0 by Melanie Moreland - Adult Contemporary Romance- Already Released- Received E book VIA Ink Slinger PR for blog tour (Review is already live- Check it out here)

*The Bachelor Auction (The Bachelor's of Arizona #1) by Rachel Van Dyken - Adult Contemporary Romance- Already Released- Received E-book VIA Forever Publishing for review- The next book in this series releases later this month and the publisher kindly sent me both for review. I will have reviews up of both books later this month.

*Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone (Harry Potter #1) by JK Rowling - It's Harry Potter what can I say. I had to get the 20th Anniversary edition of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone in my house, Ravenclaw, the best house :) I went for the paperback as most of my editions of Harry Potter are in paperback so this edition will fit right in.

*London Belongs To Me by Jacquelyn Middleton -New Adult contemporary- Already Released - Won signed paperback from Super Space Chick

*The Fandom by Anna Day - YA Fantasy- Releases January 2018- Received paperback proof from Chicken House- This one sounds like a really interesting, fun book.  The press release said "The perfect read for anyone who's ever dreamed of visiting District 12, Dauntless HQ or The Maze." 

Photos from my Instagram: Megan_readingawaythedays

*Ain't He Precious? (Sex and Sweet Tea #1) by Juliette Poe- Adult Contemporary Romance- Already Released- Downloaded book while it was free on Kindle (Note: It isn't free anymore)- I loved the second book below and as it can be read as a standalone I downloaded it when it was free. 

*Stubborn As A Mule (Sex and Sweet Tea #2) by Juliette Poe- Adult Contemporary Romance- Already Released - Received E book VIA Ink Slinger PR for blog tour - I have already reviewed this book you can check out my review here - This was a fun southern romance, that can be read as a standalone.

*Bullets & Bonfires by Autumn Jones Lake -Adult Contemporary Suspense Romance (Warning for Domestic Violence) - Already Released-  Received E book VIA Ink Slinger PR for blog tour  -This book wasn't for me however you can check out an excerpt here for more info!

*Trust by Kylie Scott - Upper YA contemporary- Already released- Received E book VIA Ink Slinger PR for blog tour - I have hauled this book before but didn't realise. However it has had a new cover change recently I think that's why I think I hadn't hauled it, opps! I do have a review up already check it out here

*Court Of Twilight by Mareth Griffith - Adult Urban Fantasy (Creature of choice is Fairy's) - Releases October 17th VIA Parvus Press- Thanks to the publisher for an e-arc in exchange for an honest review

*The Forbidden by Jodi Ellen Malpas - Adult Contemporary Romance - This just released this past week, go grab a copy! Thank you to Orion Publishing for an E-ARC for an honest review. My review is also live for this one, I loved it so much, but I always love Jodi's books. Check out my review here

*Perilous Trust (Off The Grid: FBI Trilogy #1) by Barbara Freethly - Adult Romantic Suspense Novel- Already Released- Received E book VIA Ink Slinger PR for blog tour- I have already reviewed this one as well, you can check out my review here

*The Wright Mistake (Wright #3) by K.A. Linde -Adult Contemporary Romance- Already Released- Received E book VIA Ink Slinger PR for blog tour- I have already reviewed this one as well, you can check out my review here

*Love Another Day (Masters and Mercenaries #14) by Lexi Blake - Adult Erotica Romance- Releases 22nd August 2017 -  Received E book VIA Ink Slinger PR for blog tour- I signed up for this tour assuming I can read this as a standalone, anyone know. I am 90 per cent sure you can.

*Wicked Wish (The Wicked Horse Vegas #2) by Sawyer Bennett- Adult Erotica Romance- Already released-  Received E book VIA Ink Slinger PR for blog tour- This can be read as a standalone

*Truth Or Beard (Winston Brothers #1) by Penny Reid - New Adult/Adult Contemporary Romance- Already released- This is on Kindle Unlimited but is currently free at the time of this post on amazon kindle (please check before purchase)

*Penthouse Player (Billionaire Buses #1) by Tara Leigh -Adult Contemporary Romance- Releases September 5th 2017- Received e-arc from Swerve Publishing for a blog tour in September.

*The Darkest Sunrise (The Darkest Sunrise #1) by Aly Martinez - Adult Contemporary Romance- Already released- This is on Kindle Unlimited but is currently free at the time of this post on amazon kindle (please check before purchase). I saw this on Gebyie's blog I always love her recommendations. You should check out her blog here

Phew that is it. Have you read any of these books? Plan to? Let me know in the comments below!

Blog Tour: The Contract Series by Melaine Moreland #Review

Today  I have a review of The Contract by Melaine Moreland. You can grab The Contract now, and the recent novella in the series, The Baby Clause 2.0

The Contract by Melanie Moreland


A tyrant by day, a playboy by night. That is the reputation that precedes Richard VanRyan. He lives life the way he wants, no concern for the opinion of others. He cares for no one, is completely unrepentant, and he has no desire to change his ways.
Katharine Elliott works under Richard as his PA. She despises him and his questionable ethics, but endures all the garbage he sends her way, because she needs the job. Her end goal is far more important than the daily abuse and demands she tolerates from her nasty tyrant of a boss.

Until the day, he asks her for something she never expected. A new role with a personal contract — fiancĂ©e instead of PA.
What happens when two people who loathe each other, have to live together and act as though they are madly in love?

That’s what happens.
Can the power of love really change a person?
Will they survive the contract?
What do you do when the one person you hate the most becomes the one person you can’t live without?

Amazon   |   Barnes & Noble  |  iBooks  |  Kobo  |  GooglePlay


Purchase Now

Amazon   |   Barnes & Noble  |  iBooks  |  Kobo  |  GooglePlay

The Contract by Melanie Moreland exceeded my expectations. I went into it expecting it to be the same usual trope of emotionally stunted boss, who hires his Secretary who he despises to be his fake fiance, a hate to love relationship and it was in a way but so much more than I thought it was going to be.

I adored the characters in The Contract. Richard was such a unlikable character to start but his character growth was so great to see. The majority of the book is from Richards perspective and I really enjoyed seeing into his thought process and seeing the little changes in his character. I loved Katy she was a breath of fresh air she may seem timid and shy but underneath she is as hard as nails! And I loved seeing that. I loved seeing them together and growing together and just overall loved their relationship.

There where some amazing side characters, Katy's Aunt Penny, the Gavin's especially Graham and Laura. I would love to see more of these characters.

I really enjoyed Melanie Moreland's writing it just flowed perfectly and kept me hooked throughout. And the characters felt real with flaws and all.

Overall I really enjoyed The Contract giving it 4 stars. If you like hate to love tropes, fake lovers troupe you will enjoy The Contact.

Thank you to Inkslinger PR for the ebook in exchange for an honest review.

Melanie Moreland - Bio:

New York Times/USA Today bestselling author Melanie Moreland, lives a happy and content life in a quiet area of Ontario with her beloved husband of twenty-seven-plus years and their rescue cat Amber. Nothing means more to her than her friends and family, and she cherishes every moment spent with them.

While seriously addicted to coffee, and highly challenged with all things computer-related and technical, she relishes baking, cooking, and trying new recipes for people to sample. She loves to throw dinner parties, and also enjoys travelling, here and abroad, but finds coming home is always the best part of any trip.

Melanie delights in a good romance story with some bumps along the way, but is a true believer in happily ever after. When her head isn’t buried in a book, it is bent over a keyboard, furiously typing away as her characters dictate their creative storylines to her, often with a large glass of wine keeping her company

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